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Eurostat: Prices here 46% above EU average last year

By June 22, 2023No Comments

Prices in Ireland were higher than in any other European Union country last year, according to statistics agency Eurostat.

Data on household consumption show that Irish prices were 46% above the EU average in 2022, higher than any other country in the bloc.

That was followed by Denmark, where prices were 45% above the average, and Luxembourg where prices were almost 37% higher.

The lowest price levels were recorded in Romania, where prices were 42% below average.

That was followed by Bulgaria and Poland.

The statistics show that Ireland had the highest prices in the EU for alcohol and tobacco, at more than double the union’s average.

The next highest was Finland, where prices were 74% above average.

Ireland’s food and non-alcoholic beverage prices were found to be almost 15.4% above the EU average, putting the country third behind Denmark and Luxembourg.

Eurostat also found that Irish energy prices were 38.3% above the EU average, making it the second most expensive country behind Denmark.

Footwear prices were slightly (5%) higher than the EU average, as were household appliance (6.5%) and consumer electronic (6.3%) prices.

Meanwhile furniture prices were in line with the regional average, while clothing prices were slightly (3.3%) below average.

Article Source: Eurostat: Prices here 46% above EU average last year – RTE

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